About Cluj Ceramics Biennale

The profound shifts in today's world have strongly influenced the course of contemporary ceramics, a sensitive art which evolved towards an interdisciplinary and integrative strategy. The new concepts that are gaining ground attest a type of aesthetics with forms of expression specific to many other genres, the outcome being an ingenious and resourceful alchemy.

Over the course of a month, Cluj Ceramics Biennale creates an environment for contemporary art that features exhibitions, a pottery fair, film projections, workshops, conferences, public round tables and other events around our main international competition for which a renowned jury selects more than a hundred artists from around the world. Contemporary ceramics is an ingenious alchemy of concepts containing forms of expression specific to many genres, merged into a complex, interdisciplinary and integrative art. We celebrate it through a synergistic series of cultural events and by facilitating a hub for intercultural and inter-professional dialogue. More so, we stimulate visual awareness in this field by introducing new and local viewers to international artists and contemporary art practices.

The Biennale's cultural events, besides their artistic component, are a driving force for intercultural dialogue as well as educational awareness. As event organizers we are striving to get national and international institutions to work together with the aim of creating an environment for ceramics in the city of Cluj. Our past editions featured several ceramic art exhibitions in Cluj but also Sibiu and Bucharest, traditional pottery fairs, documentary film projections, workshops, conferences, public round tables and many satellite events around our main international competition for which a renowned jury usually selects around more than a hundred artists from countries all around the world.

The Biennale and all it's connected events are organized by the Ceramart Foundation and it's supporting partners that include Cluj Art Museum, Cluj University of Arts & Design, Cluj Fine Arts College and Romanian Visual Artists Union. As a cultural project we are co-founded by the AFCN (Romanian National Cultural Fund), Cluj City Hall and Cluj Local Council.


Cluj Ceramis Biennale was founded in 2012 and it's first edition took place in 2013. The event was the results of the collaboration between local artists, organizations and institutions. The members of the organizing committee are by:

Arina Ailincăi - Artist, member of the International Academy of Ceramics and the Visual Artists Union of Romania
Marius Georgescu - Artist, PhD. Prof. at the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca, Ceramart Foundation
Tiberiu Groza - Director of the County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Cluj
Gavril Zmicală - Artist, Director of the Romulus Ladea Visual Arts Highschool Cluj-Napoca

Formerly, the following took part in the organization of the previous editions

Vasi Hîrdo - Editor of Ceramics Now Magazine, President of Ceramics Now Association
Călin Stegerean - Artist, Director of the Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca