Cluj Ceramics Biennale

Str Clinicilor 28, Ap 2
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, 400006

Phone: +40.746.105973


"Cluj Ceramics Binennale" (known also as "Cluj International Ceramics Binennale") and it's logo are registered trademarks under Romania and EU law.


The "Ceramart" Foundations

Marius Gerogescu
(University of Art & Design)

Arina Ailincai
(Ceramic Artist)

Gavril Zmigala
(Cluj College of Art)

All news, press releases and other information related to CICB will be available on the official website, or will be communicated via our emails Our general information email is

The organizers reserve the right to make changes anytime to the Biennale Statute or this website in order to ensure a fair and professional event. Changes may not be communicated individually but only on this website or through press releases.