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2019 edition / Before you apply

Before you apply


All applicants must be over 18 years of age, at least high-school graduates and be individual artists or groups of artists working in the field of ceramic art. There are no restrictions regarding country or nationality.


Artists (or groups of artists) cannot submit more than two works / body of works / installations. The ceramic component of the work must be a minimum of 60%. Submitted works must be recently created and not exhibited before at other international competitions.

Applying to be selected

Applications are being accepted exclusively online. However, under special circumstances we may also accept, at our discretion,  applications sent by mail. Please check with us before and explain your circumstances. The application fee covers the processing of the application only and does not guarantee selction or appearance in the online or printed catalogue. All applicants are responsible to apply within the application window, to provide accurate information about themselves and to submit quality images of their work, images that can be later used for printing materials such as posters or printed catalogue. Applications sent after the deadline, applications containing unclear information, incomplete applications and applications that contain unusable images of works are disqualified from jury selection. and the artists forfeits the right to have the application fee refunded.

Appearing in our printed catalogue.

Artists that submit images of poor quality may forfeit their right to appear in our printed catalogue. As a technical reference, images need to be at least 3000px per side and the file size needs to be larger that 3Mb but no larger than 10Mb.

We understand that, from various reasons, you may find yourself in the situation of not being able to ship your work. In this case your work may also only appear in our printed catalogue subject to available space. However, it may still appear in our online gallery of complete selected works. You have to understand that CCB is a physical event, not a virtual/online one, where considerable human and logistic effort is being made to receive and exhibit the selected works and priority is being given to the artists who actually do ship their works to be exhibited.

Sending your work

There are no restrictions of form or weight of works BUT do not forget the possible transportation issues! We suggest that your package does not to exceed the dimensions of 1 sq. meter (100x100x100cm)

Our obligations

We will supply all applicants with accurate dates and information about the biennale and we will comply with the regulations of the biennale statute.

The jury will ensure impartial, transparent and fair judging when selecting the works.

We will communicate the selection results online, on our website, on social media and by a mass mailing to all participants.

We will ensure the safe storing and keeping of works after they are received, subject to the state they were when arriving. We will verify the condition of the works when they are received and immediately inform the sender/artist if the work was damaged during transport. We, however, cannot assume responsibility for any damage incurred during the shipping and transport of the work(s).

We will use the information provided by the artist respectfully and we will render it in a correct manner in promotional materials.

We will send each selected applicant a participant diploma either by mail or together with their returned work. Winning participants will have to make arrangements for the delivery of their prize.

Obligations of participant

Applicants must agree to provide accurate information and to abide by the biennale terms and conditions.

Selected artists must send their work to be exhibited. Not sending your work means the artist forfeits it's right to appear in our printed catalogue but may still apear in our online catalogue. Participants must cover all the cost of shipping and returning their work(s), ensure its appropriate packaging and assume all liability for their works contents, transport, cutom fees etc. The participants must agree to pay any additional costs incurred and any customs taxes imposed. However, from our experience in organizing international exhibitions, in 99% of the times no customs taxes were imposed. 

Participants must grant the organizers the right to reproduce with no restriction all the images of the submitted or selected works.

If you have any questions please contact us by using the information on our contact page.


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