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2019 edition / Shipping your work

Shipping & returning your work

(Please read this carefully!)

The time-frame for shipping your selected works is August 15  - September 10, 2019. Please check the shipping time with your chosen shipping company and adjust your shipping date accordingly as all works have to be in Romania by September 25 at the very lastest in order to be set up for the exhibition. The official opening takes place on October 2nd. Please see our events calendar for more details.

If you plan to deliver your work personally (or through someone else) you must arrive with your work until September 30 at the latest. Please notify us in advance and we will hold a pedestal for you in the exhibition based on the photos and dimension of your work. Also, see our events calendar in order to plan your trip!

Shipping Companies

We recommend courier companies. You can send the works through regular post but make sure the work will arrive on time! Also check the estimated shipping time. Also make sure you have a solid contact in your shipping company of probems arise. This is most important if shipping from outside the European Union.

Shipping costs, insurance & custom fees

The artists is responsible for ALL the shipping costs and also duties, custom fees and taxes. This usually means the parcels have to arrive to us as "DTP", meaning "duties and taxes paid". Check with your shipping company for details.

For works sent from outside the European Union it is advisable to declare a value of max 2 euros and make sure the package  description is "ceramic samples, no commercial value". A declared value under $10 means your work will go through a simplified customs procedure meaning less paperwork and delays.

We realize though that some of you may want to insure your work in which case please also discuss this with your shipping company to make sure you are covering all the extra costs. We cannot cover additional fees on our end

Not paying attention to the details above may lead to us having to pay extra fees and risk delays which, in turn, can lead to your work not end up on the exhibition floor but in a customs warehouse :(

Shipping Information:

Fundatia Ceramart
C/O Muzeul de Arta Cluj
Piaţa Unirii 30
Cluj -Napoca, Cluj, 400098


Contact person: Florin Gherasim
Tel: +40.744.191617 (backup & Whatsapp: +40.722.899119)

Package description:
Ceramic work samples. No commercial value.

If you need fiscal information for the recipient here it is:

Fundatia Ceramart
Fiscal#: 11865512
Address: Aurel Vlaicu 17-19, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

How to pack your work

Your work must be appropriately protected with bubble wrap, foam peanuts, crumpled paper, etc. Outer packaging should be, preferably, hard cardboard boxes. The best solution is to use two cardboard boxes, one smaller inside the larger one and between the walls you should have 2 or 3 cm of empty space filled with big bubble wrap or crumpled paper. Wooden boxes are not recommended due to increase transport costs on your side and handling safety issues on our side. If other form of packaging is necessary please contact us. Please indicate on box that the objects are FRAGILE. We are not responsible in any way for any damage to your works!

Also, on the parcel please mention the following in Romanian language (this is for the custom officials):

Pentru Expozitia Bienalei Internationale de Ceramica, Cluj-Napoca 2019
 Fara valoare comerciala! 

(This means that the works are for our international exhibition and have no commercial value) 

Note: Please include instructions for assembling your work/installations and made sure these instructioins are very detailed and included in the package! If necessary attach photographs or drawings that may help display your work in the manner it is intended to be.

What happens if my work arrives damaged?

In the case your work arrives damaged during transport you will be notified, we will send you photos of the actual damage and we will discuss options. If the assessed damage is minimal, or can be easily repaired, we have specialists here that can do that and we will discuss this with each artist separately. If you send your work early and you want to remake it and resend it in time, this is also a possibility.

Can I bring the work myself?

The selection of winners should take place prior to our main exhibition opening (Oct. 2) so we would prefer that all works should be assembled and in place by the beginning of October. If you want to bring and assemble the works yourself it would be necessary to be in Cluj-Napoca a few days before the opening. Please contact us and make arrangements with us as early as possible!

Looking forward to receiving your work!

Returning of your works

Returning of your works will take place in early 2020. The cost for returning your works will have to be covered by the artists. However, our team will work with each and every one of you to inform you about the return options, costs and payment methods.

We will pack the works in the original packaging so please send your works in quality reusable packaging! 

We are declining all responsibility for the works once these have been handed over to the shipping company so please insure the transport if this is important for you.

Unclaimed works until the date of March 1st 2020 will be considered abandoned and will remain in Cluj Ceramisc Biennale collection.

Deciding not to ship your work

We understand that, from various reasons, you may find yourself in the situation of not being able to ship your work. In this case your work may only appear in our printed catalogue subject to available space. However, it may still appear in our online gallery of complete selected works. You have to understand that CCB is a phisical event, not a virtual/online one, where considerable human and logistic effort is being made to receive and exhibit the selected works and priority is being given to the artists who actually do ship their works.

Donating your work.

Cluj Ceramics Biennale collection currently contains over 120 donated works and we are working towards establishing a permanent Ceramics Collection in Cluj-Napoca. Also, the collected works frequently tour and are being shown in various exhibitions. You can also donate your work, in which case please contact us and we will make the necessary contractual arrangements. Please see the "Donate your work" page for more info


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