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About CCB / Organizers


The Biennale and all it's connected events are organized by a group of Romanian artists through the Ceramart Foundation and it's supporting partners that include Cluj Art Museum, Cluj University of Arts & Design, Cluj Fine Arts College and Romanian Visual Artists Union. As a cultural project we have been co-founded by the AFCN (Romanian National Cultural Fund), Cluj City Hall and Cluj Local Council.

The board

Arina Ailincăi - Artist, Member of the International Academy of Ceramics and the Romaina Visual Artists Union.
Gavril Zmicală - Artist, Director of the "Romulus Ladea" Visual Arts Highschool Cluj-Napoca

Formerly, the following parties took part in the organization of the previous editions

Marius Georgescu - Artist, Prof. at the University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca.
Vasi Hîrdo - Editor of Ceramics Now Magazine, President of Ceramics Now Association
Călin Stegerean - Artist, Director of the Museum of Art Cluj-Napoca


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